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Together we can create a better future for our communities with the increased knowledge of our social, cultural and environmental surroundings.

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About Us

The FreshEd programme is designed firstly to improve New Zealand communities through the education of our young people. While it starts with the students it does not end there as friends and parents will also benefit from the learning their children are undertaking. 

There will be an increased knowledge across the board, linking closely to our ICE Principles (inclusion, culture, environment). All of which will be contributing to a more holistic thinking society.

Every year there will be a number of topics covering the wide cross-section of relevant issues. The majority of these topics will run from one year to the next, being incrementally built upon to slowly enhance the knowledge of every student. These ‘base topics’ are:

  • Your Role in Society
  • Considering the Local Community
  • Social, Cultural Inclusion
  • NZ’s Place in the World
  • Climate Change & Footprints
  • Cleaner Energy & Transport
  • Resource Efficiency & Waste
  • Protect Biodiversity & Ecosystems
  • Sustainability at Home

About Inclusive Communities New Zealand Limited (ICNZ)

Inclusive Communities NZ Limited’s vision is for sustainable communities where all people are included. This will be achieved by providing and supporting opportunities for community strengthening. By exploring the themes of inclusion, diversity and community, ICNZ will ignite vision and help create strategy to improve community sustainability and well being through inclusion of all people.

With the concept of FreshEd we have taken this thinking further to include the environmental elements which we know are crucial as we look to build truly sustainable communities. We believe that FreshEd is actioning our core beliefs and will begin to see some huge benefits in the years ahead.

Our Team

Campbell Wiltshire

Campbell's vision for creating a truly sustainable society resonated with ICNZ when they were looking for their next major project. The passion with which he runs FreshEd is the driving force behind the success the young programme has had to this point.

His background in business sustainability has translated well into helping the younger generation understand the importance of these principles and with an excellent supporting team he has covered all the bases for creating this academic programme.

Kat Merewether

Kat's work on the design of FreshEd has been incredible. She has created everything from the logo and brand through to the characters and workbook design. Together with her team at Design on Q she has worked closely with Campbell on the creation of the first year's modules. With this being an ongoing process everyone is excited to see what else she creates in the months and years ahead.

Other Team Members

There are a number of people working behind the scenes to help make FreshEd a possibility with their expertise and knowledge being crucial to its success. These people are:

  • Lynda Millington
  • Tom Ringrose
  • Karen Gillum
  • Terry Moys
  • John Wiltshire
  • Jenny Calley