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Meet Jake

Hi everyone, I'm Jake!

I have grown up on a farm with my parents out in the country.

Right next to me you will always find my good friend Toby. We do everything together!

I don't only love Toby but all animals. My parents and I have to look after a number of animals on the farm including pigs, cows and chickens but I have also looked after other animals as well. Even some who have hurt themselves.

I read a lot about different animals and like so many of them that it’s hard to choose a favourite!

We are relatively self-sufficient out on the farm, living largely off our own produce, including the meat, fruit and vegetables we grow ourselves. Even the scraps go to good use to help feed the pigs. The farm is pretty environmentally friendly with my family and I trying hard to keep the waterways clean.

My other real passion is harnessing natural energy, this means using solar heating for water and power and wind power as well. It all helps to reduce the cost of running the farm and my mum and dad have learnt much from me.

See you soon!

What are my passions?

I have many things I enjoy doing with my spare time but my real passions are:

  • My dog Toby

  • My family

  • All animals

  • The farm

  • Energy

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