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Meet Lily

Hey there, my name's Lily!

I'm only young but I'm a determined wheelchair tennis player and I fly around the court after any ball that comes my way! I have had limited movement in my legs since birth and for the majority of tasks I find it easier to use a wheelchair.

I have learnt to embrace my disability and have my own motto which helps me as I ‘make the most out of every situation’.

I am very dedicated to my tennis. I practice almost every day but still manage to find plenty of time to study as I know my education is even more important than my sport.

I care deeply about people other than myself and enjoy including any interested people in anything I can. I really enjoy others who are different or less fortunate than me as I see this as something to be celebrated, not shied away from.

I have recently become interested in many new things, including the harvesting of rain water and the conservation of energy (power). These have quickly become a high priority in my daily tasks and it’s actually really easy too.

Look below for activities we can share and to find out what I've been up to recently!

What are my passions?

I have many things I enjoy doing with my spare time but my real passions are:

  • My family

  • Wheelchair tennis

  • Helping others

  • Sport

  • Saving power

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How did I get into tennis?

I have a short story you can read about how my passion for wheelchair tennis began!

Find out!

My Picture Gallery!

Come and see some picture of me and what I get up to in my spare time.

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