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Hi, I'm Tai!

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Meet Tai

Kia ora everyone, I'm Tai!

I have grown up here in New Zealand learning the ways of my people, the Māori, from my parents and grandparents. One day I hope to be the leader of my whānau, or family.

We often go fishing to catch our dinner and to collect other food from the ocean. We all have a huge amount of respect for the sea as a provider and only ever take our fair share to ensure there is plenty left over for the other families.

Not only do I love the ocean, but all eco-systems. I am always reading about protecting the local biodiversity and have worked with other locals to help the bush around my house kept the way it should be, full of native trees and animals.

I have a small vegetable patch which I work on and the odd fruit tree too which helps feed the whole whānau!

I have even been known to play the guitar from time to time and enjoy playing songs for my family and friends when I'm asked to.

Look below for some fun activities and to see what I've been up to recently!

What are my passions?

I have many things I enjoy doing with my spare time but my real passions are:

  • My whãnau (family)

  • Mãori culture

  • Nature

  • The Ocean

  • Music

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My Picture Gallery!

You should all come check out some sweet pictures of me and let me know what you think!

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