If you're a teacher who is keen on looking at implementing FreshEd in your school or a parent who is keen on obtaining the upcoming 'Down River Rd' storybook for your child, get in touch...

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Together we can create a better future for our communities with the increased knowledge of our social, cultural and environmental surroundings.

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We currently have the support of some amazing groups and individuals but we can always use more help! Whether it be a donation to the cause or assisting in the trialling of our programme we are always very grateful for assistance.

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Meet the Characters

Hi I'm Jake

Click through to my page to learn all about myself, my dog Toby and my farm!

Meet Jake

I have loads to share about myself, my home country and my passions so click through to my page!

Meet Jia
Hi, I'm Tai!

Click through to my page so I can show you me, my family and my culture!

Meet Tai

Come meet me and I'll tell you all about my life, hobbies and passions!

Meet Lily

Info for Parents

Whether your child has come home from school talking about this new learning programme or you are keen to have your child learning the ICE Principles, we can provide information for you here.

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Info for Teachers

If you are a teacher looking at add on what you are currently teaching your students with curriculum-linked learning of the ICE Principles then we have plenty of information for you to assist in getting FreshEd into your school.

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Other Community Groups

FreshEd has been very fortunate to have had some amazing supporters and we have had good discussions with other organisations who are doing great work in schools and/or in the wider community. We see it as important to promote their efforts as well!

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