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Together we can create a better future for our communities with the increased knowledge of our social, cultural and environmental surroundings.

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We currently have the support of some amazing groups and individuals but we can always use more help! Whether it be a donation to the cause or assisting in the trialling of our programme we are always very grateful for assistance.

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Teacher Information

When designing this programme we have had teachers involved every step of the way. We believe the reasons below have been crucial to our early success and we will continue to improve them moving forward. We wanted to ensure:

  1. It was created in a way which can be worked easily into schools using the current curriculum.
  2. We were providing an effective resource for students to broaden their learning.
  3. That it was user friendly for teachers.

What will be taught?

Every year there will be a number of topics covering the wide cross-section of sustainable issues. The majority of these topics will run from one year to the next, being incrementally built upon to slowly enhance the knowledge of every student. These ‘base topics’ for each year are:

  • Your Role in Society
  • Considering the Local Community
  • Social, Cultural Inclusion
  • NZ’s Place in the World
  • Climate Change & Footprints
  • Cleaner Energy & Transport
  • Resource Efficiency & Waste
  • Protect Biodiversity & Ecosystems
  • Sustainability at Home

Interested in having Fresh-Ed in your school?

With the trial stages under way we are edging closer to the day where we can provide FreshEd in its entirety to any school or teacher wanting to come on board. We are already in contact with other schools and teachers who would love to use our programme so please get in contact with us about getting involved in this programmes development or use at a later stage. 

We can organise for information to be sent out to you which you can distribute and to other interested parties whether it be your school principal or other friends of teachers.

Contact us directly or fill out our interest form and we can set the wheels in motion.